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Solution Technology Associates has experienced resources around the world that understand and address our client’s most critical business priorities through application outsourcing. Our customizable solutions address enterprises with very complex application environments that may require the transference of assets. Our configurable solutions address customers whose application environments do not require as complex a solution. Our team of professionals will not over-engineer or under deliver whatever your business goals require.

At Solution Technology Associates, we understand that successful outsourcing starts with keen leadership planning and the drive to add to the business value with application outsourcing. Smart leaders in this era understand that application outsourcing is one of the strong business cases for IT investments.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?
Most businesses recognize a clear need to concentrate their IT organizations on new systems that will provide competitive advantage, with speed-to-market a primary concern. Yet, the ongoing commitment of seasoned, business-knowledgeable resources to maintaining existing applications often limits a company’s ability to attain and maintain a strong focus on strategic development initiatives.

IT executives are increasingly turning to outsourcing as the best way to improve the quality of the services provided, and most importantly, speed the delivery of business improvement through closer governance (focusing on value-add to the business); overcoming cultural barriers to improving methods and processes (‘do it right the first time’); and timely access to skills and resources.

Organizations considering some form of IT outsourcing are generally looking to refocus staff on new systems development, improve service to users, control costs, or realize some combination of all those factors. While maintenance costs and service levels are often the driving force that initiate investigation of outsourcing, the benefits of a well-structured outsourcing relationship go well beyond cost and service issues. They are significant contributors to the company’s ability to execute its business strategy. Solution Technology Associates will manage and maintain legacy applications while you upgrade and capitalize on business and technology opportunities. Solution Technology Associates will deliver innovative application development, management and maintenance services creating a business value and enabling the clients to improve their performance. Our professionals will partner with high-tech organizations in creating low-cost, high value solutions for the entire application. Solution Technology Associates will enable companies to transform business-critical applications and processes for a competitive price that will reduce the overhead, adding to the company’s bottom-line.

At Solution Technology Associates, we adopt the approach of resolving client matters by tailoring our application outsourcing solutions:
  • Improve application development and management productivity.
  • Achieve reliable delivery: On-Time and On-Budget.
  • Reduce total cost of application.
  • Provide a greater operational control over your investments.
  • Give our clients the flexibility to focus their employees on critical business needs.

Through our extensive portfolio, built on our large, complex applications environment experience and experts located within US and India, Solution Technology Associates provides enterprises with the appropriate application solution to effectively improve our customers’ business processes.

We offer a variety of customizable solutions, which include:
  • CRM
  • Enterprise Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • E-Business Solutions
  • Business Intelligence

Solution Technology Associates is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our processes and sharpen our focus on serving clients. Lean/Six Sigma tools and concepts have sparked performance improvements in practically every division of our company.